What They’re Hiding In Plain Sight [Gambling Bill]

The so called “expanding gaming” bill being pushed by Gov. Steve Beshear and a few horse-track-controlled-legislators is a raw deal for Kentuckians. Those in favor of the shameful legislation like to pretend the bill would allow “the people” to decide on whether or not we legalize casino-style-gambling. However that is not the case. What the people would decide–if the governor has his way–is whether or not we grant a special privilege to horse track owners. What kind of bill gives a special privilege to one group of men? An illegal, unconstitutional one! 

Our current state representative has not been vocal on this issue, and is probably trying to find polling data to figure out where she stands–it is election season again. Sadly the problem is bi-partisan, as many from my own party support this backdoor bailout for one industry.

This issue, as with many issues coming from Frankfort, proves one thing: they’ve gambled with our future long enough. It’s time to change direction. I hope you will join me in calling State Representative Martha Jane King & State Senator Joey Pendleton to express your opposition to this bill.

Chris Hightower
Republican candidate for state representative