Chris Hightower Wins; Uncommitted Beats Obama

From the News-Democrat & Leader:

Chris Hightower of Auburn won the Republican primary for state representative on Tuesday by a slim margin over Jimmy Kent Wilson of Olmstead.

Hightower won both Logan and Todd counties, but received just 53 more total votes than Wilson.

In Logan County, Hightower picked up 53.7 percent of the votes (347-299) and in Todd County he picked up 52 percent (65-60).

In the Democratic primary, President Barack Obama only got 38.6 percent of Logan County votes despite running unopposed. Over 61 percent of Logan voters marked “uncommitted” on their ballots instead of voting for the sitting president.

“I’m looking at the numbers Obama got and if people don’t like him, I have a hard time understand[ing] why they have been voting for the same kind of politician for state rep,” Hightower said. “


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